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Time to Evict!

If you’re a Mexican food lover like I am, you know it is great for its authenticity and flavors.

Not to mention you’re likely to receive great customer service and when that skillet comes out with your food sizzling you know it’s going to be great. There really isn’t a slow or unhappy moment when you encounter Mexican food. I kind of viewed pregnancy like Mexican food (stop laughing) except for this final month. I feel like I’ve visited the slowest Mexican restaurant and I’m having to talk to management because the server is taking his time bringing me what I want, and no it’s not the margarita. I’m simply waiting on chips, salsa and queso (Kellen Christian Jr.) but I know deep in my heart this is the best Mexican restaurant in town and when my meaty steak comes out sizzling it’s going to be the best ever.

During this ninth month, no one told me this would be the month you’re longing for that little baby to come on out and quit playing footsies in your belly during its final month. When my cerclage was removed, I just knew he would be ready to break on through the same way he was ready to come at 21 weeks, but we had to hold him in the oven a little while longer. Even my OBGYN laughs at me during visits because she knew what I was expecting, although we didn’t want him to come unhealthy or unprepared, we just knew he would be ready to see us as much as we’re ready to meet him. I guess as they say God laughs at your plans, but I am oh so thankful because God knew I needed a fully baked steak taco and when it arrives, I will be ready to enjoy him to the fullest. I think people also forget to tell you the longing also goes along with your inability to walk, use your hands effectively and the pains your body starts to feel when it starts to make that “transition” for baby.

I even told Baby Christian’s dad he needs to have a pep talk with him because he apparently is very comfortable inside, but we need someone to sleep in this bassinet and bed and mama needs her legs back. I always wanted a full-term pregnancy because we all know that’s important, but I didn’t think I would fully go 40 weeks but again, Baby Christian and his upper management is showing me who is in control of this. We prayed to make it to the month of June and God is saying I can do more than that. We are now to the point of an induction date given (something else I wasn’t looking forward to) and praying he comes on his own, so here comes the home techniques that some say work, and some say didn’t really help as much. From foot massages to walking more and using the exercise ball – we’re doing it in hopes that he will come on his own.

As I’ve stated in some of my first blog posts, I am not one for a lot of medicines if I truly don’t need them and this is one of those times. When I read stories of women that have been induced, I know every person is different, but it sounds like a long process and I want the best for Baby Christian and myself, so here we are walking, to the best of my ability; using our exercise ball and more. We’ve been praying for this upcoming day and although he seems to be very comfortable, Baby Christian has officially been given an eviction date. I hope he’s ready for all of the love, hugs, kisses, sniffs and everything else we have in store for him.

Come thru God!

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