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There REALLY is no book for this

I’ve been around a lot of babies and each of them are adorable in their own little ways.

What I didn’t realize is all of the things that happen when I wasn’t “visiting” the baby or the family. I have quickly learned it doesn’t matter how many books you read, how many times you Google things – there really is no book for YOUR baby. Only you and your baby can make the decisions for your baby. I thought when we got home that the great swaddling from the hospital would still apply to our baby, but we should’ve known from the hospital that he was not going to be your typical “YouTube” swaddling baby.

In the hospital, our baby didn’t like his arms covered but the nurses were able to do something to keep him calm for a while or maybe he felt he was new here and would comply for a while (haha!).

That changed when we got home as it seemed it did okay with swaddling for a few weeks and that was about it. Let me tell you – what they say about babies changing daily is very true! I have learned that babies will enjoy something today and not enjoy it tomorrow; they have no set schedule and when they want to sleep, eat or feel uneasy they have no problem letting you know – even at 3am. When we got home, I would feel so defeated that he didn’t sleep long or he didn’t burp instantly or didn’t enjoy his beds (yes, plural). I mean who has a bassinet, a crib and a glider to relax in and have the ability of being moved around to each of them until you find one you like? Royalty, right?!?! Babies must know they come here as royalty and trust me they act as such. It didn’t matter how much I googled or videos I looked at, my baby was my baby and truly his own self. Each day is definitely a trial and error and he reminds me daily of what he may like or dislike and I have to be okay with that. We prayed for this sweet baby boy and when he wants to be fed every 2-3 hours in the middle of the night, all I can do is kiss his head, thank God and pray that he is okay.

There were and will always be plenty of nights that I pray our sweet baby’s ease of discomfort and that he is safe, especially during this pandemic. There are a million products for babies that I had never known about or heard about and I think it’s amazing. You have this precious tiny human, for me weighing in at six pounds who requires so much from gas drops to the right cuddling, rocking, room temperature, smells etc. I will always want the best for our sweet baby boy and pray he will always have the best and know that is our daily goal. Will he continue to cry and have various spells that we know nothing about? Of course, but it doesn’t mean we’re not doing a good job. If you’re a mom, especially a new mom – just know – you are doing a great job! If you’re doing your best, that’s all that is required of your baby...and a lot of patience.

Also, reach out to other moms and you will see and quickly learn, the textbook baby is just that – a textbook baby, not your baby. Google, YouTube and all of the other informative outlets are great sources and can provide you with great guidance but don’t feel defeated when they may not work for your baby. There have been nights that I fell asleep on my baby boy and thankfully, he played and talked with himself until he fell asleep, there have been nights that I cried while he cried but as long as we both have air in our lungs to cry – we will be alright and have made it a whole ten weeks. The goal is for babies to be comfortable and make it to see another day, just like the rest of us. One thing my mom shared with me was – babies are just like us adults…they have their bad days and they have their good days. We are all human and a friend of mine shared this with me during my virtual baby shower – there really is no book for this. So, if no one tells you today, just remember….

You’re Doing a Great Job!

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