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The Legacy

When I think of the legacies the men in my life are either leaving or have left for their

children, of course I have to start with my own father. Growing up he showed that fatherly love and provided for our family and teaching us to put God first, being humble, working hard, entrepreneurship and building from the ground up. Now that Kellen Jr. is here I often look at him and Kellen Sr. and wonder the legacy Kellen Jr. will see his father showing him through life. KJ already looks at his father with smiles and laughter when he sees him and follows him wherever he goes. It puts a smile on my face to see their bond and how helpful Kellen Sr. is with our son and educating himself on what’s best for our baby boy every step of his life, so far. A lady with wisdom asked what we named our baby when he was born and when I told her Kellen Jr. she smiled. I said yes, I really like Kellen’s name. She said plus that shows a sign of love you have for him. I took a minute and thought, yes she’s right because I think my husband is an overall great man.

The thought of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the legacy he left for not only his family but for the world that still honors him to this day is admirable and commendable. I once heard someone say it’s not about the date of our birth or the date of our death but about the dash between those dates that makes the difference. One of Dr. King’s quotes I love is “life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” This quote isn’t just about what we do for our friends or our community but also what we do for our families and those we hope to leave a legacy with. Will we have some not-so-good moments or habits that may exist? More than likely, yes but prayerfully those moments and habits won’t be what one’s legacy persist of.

I must admit – I have had some great men in my life including my grandfathers and my brother whose legacies I will remember for how they treated their wives, children and those they came in contact with. I will always remember my maternal grandfather’s laughter, jokes, love for God and the everlasting love he had for his family. My paternal grandfather’s entrepreneurship spirit and love for cooking are legacies I will remember (there’s only one person that can match his pound cake). My brother’s love and respect for his wife is like none other! My brother-in-law is even a great man; always having respect for my sister and those he comes in contacts with, his fun spirit and giving his all to everything he commits to. I didn’t get to meet Kellen’s grandfather but every lesson Kellen tells me he learned from him; I can tell he was a great man.

Dr. King is also famous for his quote “nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” The legacies men leave their children are very important…and those legacies should only include the sincerity of their hearts to always do what’s right for God, them, their families and those they come in contact with. Leonardo DiCaprio said, “a man’s legacy is determined by how the story ends.” I pray when the day comes that Kellen Jr. will always have great thoughts, moments and habits learned from Kellen Sr.’s legacy.

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