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Surprise! I'm Pregnant

Another month. Another cycle. Another ovulation. October let’s go. By this time, I was ready every month for my cycle; for it to come and go so we can try again during the ovulation window to create and be blessed with a baby of our own. I had sort of given up on the maybe’s: maybe this will be my month I miss a cycle, maybe my stomach pains means I am pregnant, or simply maybe it’s just not in the cards, although I was still looking out the side of my eye with that spark of possibility. But honestly, not this time. I had purchased my supply of sanitary napkins because I never knew if the cycle would be long or short, heavy or light; a girl sometimes just never knows. Friday, October 4, 2019 came, and I was ready with my supply heading to work to make sure I always had one sanitary napkin in my desk drawer (mistakes happen). I was ready for my ‘monthly woman’ that day, each restroom break looking for her. The day came and went, and she never came.

I checked my app that I used to keep up with my days and didn’t remember if I had put the wrong days in the prior month or if I was running a little ‘late’ which never really happened. Saturday came and I was peeking for her and hoping she didn’t make any surprise visits, but she never came. Sunday morning came and still no excitement inside of me, but I wanted to make sure. I was teaching bible study that Sunday and after church decided to stop by a convenient store for a home pregnancy test. Actually, I purchased about three. Came home and luckily my husband was cooking this Sunday so I immediately went to the restroom to take my test as I was supposedly changing out of my Sunday clothes per what my husband thought.

I used to have so many fantasies of how I would tell him if I were to ever become pregnant, again, but those times came and went so the excitement slowly dwindled for me. I took the home pregnancy test and here comes one pink line which I was used too so I walked off to finish changing my clothes but as I did, I noticed a second pink line slowly rising and my eyes grew big. I stood over that pregnancy test waiting in anticipation and total disbelief like a woman on a scale waiting to see how much weight she had lost. Oh my Gosh!!! That second line fully appeared and my heart starting racing and I begin panting like what do I do? If you know me, I am a planner and organizer. Like I said earlier, I had thought of the ways I would tell my husband I was expecting again but not anymore. I mean this was a time that I didn’t plan for, I didn’t know if I was going to walk back in the kitchen while he was cooking and show him or how I was going to do this.

The planner in me just didn’t know what to do! (Argh, Somebody Help)!! I decided to wait. I said we have to think of something…and I did. My husband’s birthday was coming up and I said first, I want to take another test to confirm everything and that’s what I did. Monday morning on my way to work, I stopped at a local retailer for an "official" home pregnancy test as some people call them, but I’ve also heard that if you’re pregnant, it doesn’t matter. I purchased a Clearblue home pregnancy test because I wanted the words 'Pregnant' or 'Not Pregnant' to appear this time. Took one out of the box and into my purse to take the test at work. I decided I wasn’t going to rush in and take it as I've also heard if you're pregnant, you’re pregnant any time of the day, so I waited until I actually had to use the ladies’ room. Around 9:00am I went to the restroom and tore open that test, took it and waited. That black bar started flashing and as I finished my business (because I still had to tinkle in the first place), watched the bars flash one by one and Surprise!! PREGNANT appeared. Oh My Gosh, again!

The Day I Found Out. :)

Okay, now the planner in me got to working. I already knew I needed to call this doctor and that doctor, and oh yeah, that doctor to tell them and get my prescription because I knew I had to get on a blood thinner fast (more about this later). There was no way God was giving me another chance and I not be ready after what I had previously been through. I immediately contacted all of my doctors; got my prescription called in and appointments made for that week to confirm everything. The highlight of my day and no amount of stress or headaches from co-workers was going to take my joy away.


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