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Quarantine for Two, Please

The world experienced and is still experiencing a pandemic. In the words of Beyoncé – the world stopped. I don’t think we’ve ever seen places like Times Square in New York City or

Los Angeles traffic, the strip in Las Vegas or visitors in Italy…you get the point. I don’t think we’ve ever seen these streets and areas as empty as they were televised around the world. For some this was a devastating time and people didn’t know what to do as jobs and schools were closing and people didn’t know what to do with themselves, let alone their children that would not normally be at home 24 hours a day. The world adjusted outside of the norm but for a lot of people, the adjustment was great. Before this pandemic hit, I considered myself quarantined while on bed rest at the hospital and I must admit it was a good, no great time for me. There were days I was bored but I realized what all I could do during this time instead of reflecting on the bad and what was going on in the world. I had a tiny human growing inside of me and this time was needed.

Before hospitals were shut down and I was only limited to my one main visitor, my husband, I must confess, having visitors became a bit overwhelming. I enjoyed every visitor and could never turn people down, but I eventually had to have my nurse put a sign on the door for no visitors. It was hard because I’ve always been a person that loved entertaining others but, in the hospital, where you have nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, food service and housekeeping personnel, it can get a bit tiresome each and every day. Before the quarantine hit, I could look into the lobby of our (I started calling it our hotel, haha!) hospital room, I would see families of four or more (including children) visiting one person that was giving birth and thought – that’s just too much. Sometimes we often forget how others feel because we put our own feelings in the forefront, thinking what we want for them is more important than what they may want or need for themselves. While every intention is good, it can also be a bit much at times. So, when the pandemic shutdown hit, I personally was a bit happy. Plus, it was a chance for people to use old school ways of cards to send their love or technology to send money to help us eat out or showering us with gifts from our baby registry. *insert virtual hugs and kisses*

It was amazing to see the empty lobby at the hospital or the noise in the hallways decrease because of less traffic. Of course, I missed seeing people and when I gained outside privileges (goodness, it sounds like jail), I was able to sit outside for a few minutes with family members which I enjoyed every Sunday; singing, laughing, praying and talking with each other. It was hard not to hug and amazing how our quarantined life became sitting outside talking through masks, six feet apart and I in a wheelchair. I love my family because after fussing from my hospital bed, I (think) I finally convinced them to stay at home more especially with our new addition coming. We didn’t need anyone sick or stuck in a hospital alone. I prayed daily for our health, the baby’s health and growth and the safety of my friends and family members. So, there we were, just my husband and I in our quarantined room each and every day; praying for our families, happy to hear our baby boy’s heart beating, watching him grow and learning each other. I’ve said this before but there were so many things we couldn’t do in that hospital room while others complained about being in their own house. The things I learned…

  • We are serious multi-taskers

  • God is a provider

  • More people love you than you think

  • Those who matter will be there and show you so

  • My husband is great for helping me remove braids from my hair

  • My husband can blow dry my hair (it was a little work, but he did it)

  • I can complete taxes from a hospital bed

  • I can do a lot with my own waxing machine and supplies

  • We can be productive still with Zoom calls every other day

  • We can share one room together and not chop each other’s heads off

  • My husband can attend staff meetings and still be attentive during ultrasounds

  • We enjoy coloring for relaxation

  • Netflix is the greatest

  • I enjoy the story lines to video games

  • My niece can keep me up till 2AM playing Scrabble

  • I can sell over $1200 in direct sales from a hospital bed

  • I can attend various worship services on Sunday, virtually

  • I can still motivate others from a hospital bed

  • I can create relationships at local, private owned stores for Mother’s Day cards

  • Nurses can become friends and your talking and laughing buddies

  • Time waits for no one and death is certain (RIP Dollie and Ellen)

  • Baby Christian already has hospital grandmothers waiting for his arrival

  • I can hire a new lawn man from a hospital bed

  • My husband is truly a great encourager when I’m not having my best days

  • You can get almost anything done if you ask the right housekeeping staff

  • Patience is definitely a virtue

  • We are survivors

I’m sure this list is not all inclusive but if you ask me was my time on hospital bed rest the worst experience I’ve had, I will tell you no; was it my best, I will still tell you no. It taught me a lot of things but most of all it taught me to be as still as possible and wait on God, even more. While I love people to no end and missed interaction at times, I still enjoyed reading cards, text messages, calls and facetime. If you ask me would I take a room for 20 or quarantine for two plus a growing baby, I will probably take quarantine for two any day, okay plus a few people.

Keep Smiling & Making Memories

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