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Plans Change

I had a lot planned when I decided to "semi-retire"and one of my biggest plans was to be

available for my parents; go with them to their doctor appointments, procedures, help clean their house if needed, and really just be all-knowing about their health, finances and business overall. Not that either of them are sickly or needing me prying all in their business because let them tell it, I do it enough already. *insert shoulder shrug* I just didn’t want my parents scammed or told misleading information at doctor offices or getting procedures that weren’t necessary. Trust me, I will research the heck out of something and advise to get a second or third opinion, if needed. We’re living in a greedy world and as much as we think the pharmaceutical companies have – some of them are like the rest of the world – they want more.

My parents are in their wonderful seventies and I wanted to be there for them. If I couldn’t my sister was always there, and we have a good tag team going on. When my plans changed as I was placed on bed rest, I had to face the fact that I wouldn’t be able to visit them like I wanted, go over their house, visit and walk their dogs or go to appointments like I was doing. I guess as the old saying goes – that’s life! My Dad had an upcoming outpatient procedure and although I was there for the consultation, I now had to get an action plan together who would take him to the actual procedure which would be between my mother and my sister. I know you’re probably laughing because my family shakes their head at me too but hey, this is what I wanted to do AND the Bible instructs us to do, if we’re able. Well, the procedure went well and of course my mother was giving me updates via text and how everything went, I was a happy camper. I say all of that to say – plans can, and they will change in life and a lot of times unexpectedly. My dad used to always quote my grandmother’s saying – “what you plan God can disaplan” and boy, have I not learned that in my life.

These two people, my parents, were always there for me growing up and I couldn’t think of a

better way to repay them than to be there for them as they gracefully age. I will admit, while on bed rest I was a tad bit jealous that my sister still had full access to them and was able to visit with them; playing games and go to appointments if needed but at the same time I was really thankful she was there to still be my listening ears and eyes. For me, it is so important to not only take care of or lend a hand to our elders, even those we’re not related to because some are living without their family members. Family is important and the more memories made the better life is because those moments can never be taken away.

Then the world seemed to have stopped when the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, and we all had to be quarantined from each other causing another worry for me as I was heading into my third trimester and wondered if my family would be there when Baby Christian arrived. This is my first child and of course, I want my mother there along with other family members waiting on our bundle of joy to enter this world, but it didn’t seem that would happen. I am still believing things may turn around and maybe if I pray hard enough, I will at least be able to have my mother present because we have a few more weeks ahead of us and we will see what the stars align for us. Through it all, every day I remember that I am still blessed; we’re still in the land of the living and we never know what God’s plan is.

Be Patient

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