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After reviewing everything, I think the best and next step is to remove your fallopian tubes” said a local fertility specialist during my last visit to their office. After our miscarriage in 2017…did you catch that? We had been pregnant before with no issues so removing my fallopian tubes was out of the question.

Anyway, we tried again for Baby Christian but for some reason wasn’t having any success so in April 2018 I consulted with my husband and asked if he thought we should see a fertility specialist. *insert okay husband shrug* He really wasn’t with it and always believed what’s for us, God will provide but I wanted to know what was going on and received a referral from my OBGYN’s office. I went for the first visit and must say – I have never felt more uncomfortable sitting somewhere that I didn’t feel I belonged in a while. Upon checking in, there was a charge “swipe your card right there please” and then on to have an ultrasound “after insurance your charge is…swipe right here on the handheld device” and then blood work, “okay your charges for today will be….” Geez, Louise!! Then I finally met with the fertility specialist who informed me of the procedures and what tests will need to be done. The whole time I kept thinking to myself - man this is expensive already. I noticed on the offices website there was a payment plan and affordable fertility treatments, but I never imagined I would be spending almost $700 on my first visit.

The next visit I received my results from all of the testing and was told I would need to go to a hospital and have a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) procedure done and bring a disc back to the fertility specialist. I did and it wasn’t bad, and I was happy with what the physician told me about my fallopian tubes – one could possibly have some blockage but the other seemed fine. As I walked out with my disc to take back to the fertility specialist on my next visit for their “confirmation,” I was happy because I read in my research that a woman can still get pregnant with one tube…we just needed that egg to go down the right tube. Upon my next visit with the fertility specialist, she informed me that after reviewing everything, the next and best step would be to remove my fallopian tubes because they were both blocked according to the disc. Mind you, the hospital showed me on a screen what my tubes looked like during the procedure. For some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to cry but I knew that would be my last visit to the office because I definitely wasn’t removing anything from my ‘woman system’ that God had given me, and I didn’t feel was confirmation in my spirit. I told my husband of my visit and how I didn’t trust their results and definitely didn’t want to be a guinea pig or experiment for anyone. Let me insert, I also received additional bills excluding the $700 I paid during my first visit for roughly another $2000. I knew then I was done! See insurance companies normally do not assist families much with fertility treatments as I was told during my office visit because it is deemed as a want and not a need for a family.

During my next visit with my OBGYN, I told her of the results and although she looked at the disc and saw the same thing and read the physician’s report, she said the overall confirmation would be that of the fertility specialist. I waited a few months and while we still weren’t getting pregnant but constantly praying, the beginning of 2019 I decided to try a fertility specialist in another state. After my one visit with him and him looking over my paperwork, he concluded the same as the original fertility specialist and gave my husband and I an article on how women are still able to reproduce without fallopian tubes (That idea still wasn’t sitting well). Now this one office visit was only $25, and no additional astronomical bills were received. So, then I tried one more fertility office in another city (yep, I wanted more opinions). We drove there, spent a nice weekend in the city and I was told my husband also had to attend this first office visit (wasn’t sure why) but we went. We filled out questionnaires and paperwork, talked to a physician and I had an ultrasound and that was it. This physician didn’t give any hope either and shrugged at a lot of our concerns and questions. I was so irritated when I left that I said I’m done, like for real done. See I strongly believe that if something doesn’t sit well in your spirit from any physician then you research for yourself and get other opinions – or consult God which is what I did even more.

My mom couldn’t understand, as fertile as our family was from my grandmother to my cousins, how is it that I am infertile? I decided not to worry about it anymore because I knew in my spirit all of those doctors were wrong. My husband and I kept in prayer and I still adored sweet babies and felt my time was coming, but if it didn’t, I would be okay. Let me add – this was not always easy between my husband and I (future post about that) but we’ve made it through that storm. Have you read my other posts about health and me taking blood thinners? Well, after all of the visits to fertility specialists I decided to take myself off of my blood thinner as that was the only medicine I was on and felt I had taken it long enough for my blood to get back in balance. I also thought – what if this was stopping me from getting pregnant? After about a month or two, I visited my hematologist and told her about it and after checking my blood she said it was okay to remain off of my blood thinners. Guess what? Next thing I knew…. I was pregnant. Now I’m not saying me stopping my blood thinners was the cure or reason because we all know it was nothing but God that interceded and formed this fetus in my womb, but I will say know yourself, know your health and pay attention to your body. You are the master of your own fate.

Stay All-Knowing About YOU!

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