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Happy Mother's Day

The definition of a Mother is one that is hard to define, kind of like the word love. You can enter any store and find a million cards talking about a mother’s love; what it means to be a mother, from a young child’s age to adulthood and even cards for stepmoms and cards from husbands. I think the world will agree that we will be nothing without mothers. As women, we are placed on this earth as natural born nurturers and as it is or may be, every woman born may not be a “mother” as defined by the dictionary, but she is still a true nurturer. The instincts God gives us; that woman’s intuition is like no other. We are truly created different whether people think we come from Venus or some other outer space we are our own amazing species with a lot of parts to us. There are a lot of women that may not have birthed their own children but are the greatest teachers in life, the greatest motivators, listeners and encouragers. What defines you is not always what’s on the outside but what is on the inside; what does your heart tell when you open your mouth or how you treat others. Over the years, I have seen some girls and women that aren’t the best mothers and wonder why they got a chance and I hadn’t received that chance. I’ve heard women say they weren’t ready, or they didn’t want a child and “it” just happened. Questions that only God can answer.

Through my journey, I have talked to so many women and heard so many stories; from miscarriages to IVF treatments, the hardships of getting pregnant to those that have easy pregnancies and the love and loss of adoptions and fostering children. At the beginning and end of the day, we are mighty queens, princess warriors and royal goddesses and that is without having children. We have so many titles that we wear and I know that one title can be a longing for so many women but that doesn’t make you less of a nurturer or who God wants you to be. It’s easy to focus on the things we don’t have and put to the side the things we do have. Trust me, that longing never dies but what lives on is who you are and who you can be to others. There is a flock of young girls and boys waiting for your hugs, your smiles and a kind word or gesture towards them. So if you are a mother, lost a mother, longing to be a mother, a mother mourning the loss of a child or a woman with the amount of love inside for ten mothers – God designed you for your greatest of moments to your least of sorrows, you’ve got this. Remember who you are, put your crown on and know you’re still a rose.

Happy Mother’s Day

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