Faith over Fear

My family and I did a thing this past weekend. Something we've needed to do for quite a while…we took a short weekend family trip.

It was only about 180 miles away, but it was very nice to be away and out of the same atmosphere we’ve been in for over a year. As my husband and I reflected on our past vacations such as our annual Miami trip to a music festival or the cruise we took for my 40th birthday or our annual trip to catch our NFL team, the Green Bay Packers play in one of their games; we realized we haven’t been out of our home or element like most people I’m sure this year of 2020. Ha! Really, the only time we've been away for an extended period was during my 65 days of bed rest in the hospital. Of course, we had more to think about this year because we probably would’ve hit the roadway before now just to get away. We had our new baby boy to worry about and we’ve kept him pretty secluded as the uncertainty of the pandemic has caused all “fun” things to come to a halt. I wanted to wait until he was a little older and had his first set of shots in hopes that he will be okay.

Talking to a good friend, I was encouraged a weekend getaway was needed and all would be well. When I presented my husband with the weekend getaway, he was past ready and also knew it would be needed. Over the past months, I've thought about my faith over fear for quite a while because no one really knows what this virus is that has plagued many places. I often wondered over the past few months, with even close family members visiting was it safe? Would God allow something to happen to one of us because we allowed a close family member into the house? So many questions and emotions from jealousy of those that didn’t have to have a baby during a pandemic to having family around to see their new baby and him being loved on by so many – but then it hit me that all things are designed by God, even this pandemic. I started thinking it wasn’t so bad for our baby boy to only be around my husband and I or as guilty not allowing others to see the baby as would be done under normal circumstances.

Close family members that started visiting were equipped with masks and gloves, and although it appeared a little weird and abnormal, I knew it was necessary and important for one little person that possibly couldn’t fight off infections the way us with full grown systems could do; plus my family understood and insisted. I booked our resort for the weekend and immediately started packing. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever packed with so much excitement for a trip – and we’re only talking two days for this one. I packed a bag of essentials because I knew there would be a lot of cleaning and sanitizing over the weekend. Some may say it was too much, but I don’t care. We had everything from Clorox to wash the sheets and towels when we arrived to Lysol spray, Clorox wipes and gloves if needed and plenty of masks, even for Kellen Jr. that my aunt made for him.

We were ready and as many times as I’ve driven and ridden this highway, it was more exciting this time. It was our family; we had a family and wanted to see how Kellen Jr. would do on the open road which he did well. Let me tell you, you better be fully ready for a ride with a little person because their wants are most important, and they will make it known. Even though we didn’t do anything “vacation worthy” we just enjoyed being in a different space and finding new eateries for take-out and enjoy. Did I worry over the weekend? Yes, I did but I also prayed that God will protect us because He knew our hearts and what we needed. Between the pandemic, daily negative news to virtual learning and teaching – we needed this short vacation and enjoyed it as a family of three, for the first time. I will continue to pray for safety and happy this virus or none of the negativity in this world has entered the homes of those I love. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for….” I have the Faith. Fear take a backseat.

Stay Safe & Prayed Up