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I'm a Goli Partner!!

During my pregnancy I gained 50 pounds...yes, 50 pounds!! Something I wasn't expecting but it happened. A lot was water weight but I knew I had work to do after I delivered my baby. I was already drinking over a gallon of water a day and because I couldn't exercise due to my c-section, I needed more help. Enters the decision to try Goli vitamins. 

These apple cider vinegar gummy vitamins are so good and I strongly believe in their benefits and everything they support:

  • Skin Health

  • Healthy Weight Management

  • Immune System

  • Healthy Digestion

  • Appetite

  • Heart Health

  • Energy...+ more 


I instantly felt the benefits of taking these vitamins and when I was able to begin exercising again I felt the energy and heart healthy benefits. Give them a try!! Use my Promo Code: iamjennchristian for 5% off of your first order.  

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Red Aspen


As a new Mom, I am understanding the meaning of taking advantage of every minute and moment you can. As much as I love a good manicure and pedicure like most women - I also enjoy maximizing my time whenever possible for the other thousand-million things on my daily to-do list. That's why I joined Red Aspen as an Affiliate. I haven't done an at home manicure in a long time and Red Aspen has made it simple for us. It truly is a "manicure in a dash." 

"Spend more time doing the things you Love."


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North American Home & Spice is committed to healing the world with natural medicines in order to make it a better and healthier place." Shop their wide variety of products for any of your natural needs. 

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